Understanding Cat Body Language

“Everything’s Normal”

If your cat is lying with her face neatly placed between the paws looking at you people around. Don’t create any misconceptions about her mood if you find your cat’s eyes blinking slowly, it maybe her resting time. Ears; notice them to find if they are resting properly as well. The ear should be available for you to spin or flip or rotate, as you like. Ha-ha! Cats won’t mind! If you think of making an indoor cat house which will give them a great comfort and if they like it, you are really lucky.

“Attention… Look at Me”

If you notice your cat’s tail on the same level with the back and a bit curled at the end, then he wants attention. Cat could then come himself against you to seek more pet and intimacy. Purring softly also one of their best gestures. How feeling and shamelessly they roll down to expose their stomach, isn’t it? It is the time when you must remember that petting on their stomach is annoying expression for them. They don’t like their bellies being rubbed.