Baker From Canada Makes Super Cute Treats

We all spend way too much time online looking at pictures and watching videos of other people and comparing ourselves to them. That’s no way to live. Comparison is the thief of joy. But since there’s no way you’ll stop doing it, we suggest that you at least become choosy about what kind of content you consume. Try following more accounts online that create something beautiful and something that lifts you up, inspires you or gives you good vibes and good ideas. And when it comes to Instagram, we honestly consider food Instagram to be a kind of art too. And today we want to share with you Grace’s creations. She goes by @petrichoro on Instagram and she’s a self-taught baker that creates some seriously beautiful and very cute things.

One of the things that blew our mind the most was this pond cake made up of mousse layers and jello. It’s absolutely stunning, and it actually looks like a pond that’s just suspended in the air. The details, the colors, those flowers and koi fish. It’s almost too beautiful to eat, but you know you’d still have a bite after you took a gazillion photos of course. Grace actually made it for father’s day and all we can say is that her dad is a very lucky man.