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Broker Rating

NordFX is in the top 3 most popular brokers in Masterforex-V traders. Are there disadvantages to this broker? And what advantages have found their way into the hearts of traders’ best forex training project “? Try to understand:

Pros NordFX:

Considerable experience in the forex market (broker works with 2008).
Several international licenses from the major financial regulators, constantly supervising the activity NordFX including a license allowing the work in the financial markets of the European Union on the Cyprus financial regulator CySEC.
Risk diversification NordFX clients.
The highest quality of dealing (the last few years, Masterforex-V Academy, students were presented NordFX Cup best broker dealing in quality, and the results of voting NordFX lead over the nearest competitor was a very serious).
Low spreads (by 0.2 points), direct work with the ECN, very fast quotes and order execution, allowing work fine automatic advisors, the virtual absence of slip, very high rate swaps ($ 5-6 per 1 lot each day is added to your account) when trading on swap TC MF at the opening of transactions on the buy on the AUDUSD, AUDJPY, NZDJPY, AUDCHF etc.
Regular bonuses for the students of the Academy of Masterforex-V (50%, 100%) with the right to the money after natorgovki certain number of lots.
Quick withdrawal. At the same time the experience of many traders Academy confirms the possibility of the withdrawal of NordFX amounts to 10-12 times the size of the deposit.
NordFX has not been seen in the “manual control”, which many forex brokers include anti successful traders, making them worse price to open and close your trades.
The Academy ribeyte most experienced traders use by automatically copying their trades for beginners, choosing to open accounts, namely in NordFX.
You can always ask the official representative of NordFX, which is always present in the Masterforex-V forex forum topic NordFX: reviews of traders.
Of all the forex brokers is NordFX by anonymous voting on the forum has the highest ratings of traders Academy of Masterforex-V: 5 of 5 balls put 83% of the respondents, 9.1% predict a broker assessment 4. Thus, the happy (4 points) and very satisfied ( 5 points) work NordFX more than 92% of customers; dissatisfied with only 7.9% of respondents. This is one of the highest rates among more than 400 brokers in the world.
Several traders Academy operates under the program VIP-client NordFX with a deposit of 50 thousand. USD. The items of the program were not disclosed, it is known only that each of these traders held individual training at the Academy of Masterforex-V, it is charged 100% of the rebate service provides support personal manager, on-line consultation on the program of investors, selection of optimal effective advisors, etc. Recording goes directly through the Rector of the Academy of the link.
As a joke traders Masterforex-V: “NordFX created by the traders for successful trading other traders.” And the joke is, the lion’s share of the truth, to judge by the huge amount of innovation, bonuses and all sorts of new products, pleasantly surprised again and again to those who chose to trade in Forex is NordFX.

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