Getting to Know the Cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are their own women. The cast has changed from season to season, and there are some noticeable reoccurring cast members and some who have disappeared and come back for another round. Some don’t learn the first time, some simply cannot hold it together, and some have changed the way the world viewed them as they decided they’d come back and make a go of it once again. We were excited to see Jacqueline Laurita back this season. Her family is so lovable and she’s always seemed like so much fun.

Imagine our surprise when a few weeks ago she baited Teresa in what we thought she might be an opportunity to make her look bad in front of her fans yet again, but it backfired on her. Teresa kept her cool, excused herself from the situation and left Jacqueline looking like a jerk who stood around with a smirk acting as if she did nothing wrong. We were more than a little disappointed. All the ladies in the cast are old faces, but they are two new ones and we thought we’d get to know each one a little better.

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice

She’s a single mother for about 41-months after being released from nearly a year in prison only 8 months ago. She and her husband, Joe Giudice, were found guilty of multiple counts of fraud and tax issues and many other things more than two years ago, and their family is paying the price. She’s the backbone of the group who has had issues with everyone, but she seems to have overcome her issues in prison and while we still see a little of the old Tre in there somewhere, we are seeing a much calmer, much more zen, much more open-minded Teresa these days. She’s got to hold it together for her four little girls while their dad is in prison, after all.

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