Understanding Cat Body Language

“Anxiety Turned ON!”

Dilated and widened eye set with pupil in the center targeting at the quick route outside the unfavorable conditions means they are anxious. Ears moved forwards to carefully listen sounds and grab information about the situation around; their whiskers stretching outwards and their tail moving very slowing at the tip on either sides of the body are the major signs for Understanding Cat Body Language while anxious.

“Poof, That’s My Prey”

They are really focused at times, certainly a bit more when they aim at their prey. Now how to understand that?
Narrow pupil in the expatiated eyes, body smartly inclined as per the prey’s position and the whiskers moved forward briskly and stretching the skin out are the most common gestures while a cat catches her preys.
Though, they are not a big hunter when the prey is that yummy thing in your hand! They will gently rub themselves against you with tail waging in the air.