Top 10 Common Things Banned in North Korea

10. Using the Internet

There is a joke: “Dear VKontakte, stop suggesting me people I might know. I know them. I do not like them”. Now, a North Korean would not understand the meaning of this joke. After all, there are no social networks in this country, and access to the global Internet in North Korea, although not on coupons, is severely limited. The government allows access to the World Wide Web only to a limited number of people, including elected government officials, employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, persons involved in foreign economic activity, and certain scientists. For everyone else, there is their own state network called Kwangmyong (Kwangmyeon). It has propaganda, scientific, cultural and educational sites. The overseas Internet is seen as a threat to the North Korean government because it is a tool that can be used to connect with people from all over the world.