Top 10 Common Things Banned in North Korea

2. Criticism of the government

Although the Russian government has been tightening the screws in recent years in the field of criticism of the authorities, compared to North Korea, we have real freemen. Those who criticize or insult the supreme leader or his family will be imprisoned or even executed. This also applies to tourists. American student Otto Warmbier, who arrived in North Korea for tourism purposes, was arrested at Pyongyang International Airport while waiting to leave the country. According to one report, he was arrested for attempting to steal a campaign poster. According to others, he tried to draw or write something on a poster either with Kim Il Sung, or with Kim Jong Il. In any case, North Korea regarded the foreign student’s actions as an insult. He was imprisoned in March 2016, where he fell into a coma, was returned to the US and died in June 2017.