10 Fall Fruits and Vegetables To Add To Your Diet

2. Butter lettuce

If you’re not quite ready for kale yet, consider butter lettuce. This smooth lettuce is deliciously decadent and doesn’t taste overly healthy. It’s a perfect addition to a sandwich, or even as a salad base on its own. Butter lettuce is filled with an important antioxidant called beta-carotene and a phytochemical called lutein. Both of these are key in preventative measures against degenerative diseases.

3. Mushrooms

There are so many different kinds of mushrooms. We love a succulent portobello, or a hearty mushroom soup on a chilly day. Mushrooms are essentially an inflammation-decreasing superfood, and they’re robust in flavor – enough to be compared to a meat! They’re also packed with prebiotics, which feed the microbiota in your intestines and promotes healthy digestion.